How Plastic Surgeons on TikTok are Revolutionizing Marketing through a Free Organic Cereal Strategy

Free Organic Cereal

Plastic Surgeons Pause BBLs to Promote Free Organic Cereal: An Innovative Marketing Strategy

Educational-Focused Tiktok

In a world flooded with sponsored posts and promotional content, TikTok’s plastic surgeons have adopted a more educational and entertaining approach. However, Three Wishes co-founder and CMO Ian Wishingrad has managed to persuade this group of creators to partner with his organic cereal brand through organic and educational content. This budgetless social media strategy has become a lovely synergy of potential audiences.

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Innovative and Effective Approach

To give his product a “facelift,” Wishingrad has reinvented marketing industry jargon and convinced TikTok plastic surgeons to suspend their celebrity facelift reviews and embody a cereal box. This innovative approach has been highly effective and has led six plastic surgeons to clinically detail the brand’s new aesthetic without promotional expectations.


Check out the facelift that was made to @threewishescereal’s beautiful box design! As a facial plastic surgeon, I’m taking a look at the before and afters and breaking down exactly what went into this important makeover 🥣 #threewishescereal #facelift #makeover

♬ smiles & sunsets – ultmt.

The meticulous documentation of the TikTok plastic surgeons‘ transformations, which combines educational and entertaining content, satisfies the platform users’ need. As sponsored content fatigue increases, users seek “de-influencers” who challenge trendy products, putting greater pressure on brands and creators to create organic partnerships.

Free Organic Cereal

Wishingrad’s strategy has been a lovely synergy of potential audiences and has created a shared fan base. This partnership has caught the attention of plastic surgeons‘ followers who are eager to try the cereal or already have it in their pantries. This innovative marketing strategy has proven effective and has led to greater product awareness and a loyal fan base.


Not sponsored, just something fun we did 🥣 #beforeandafter @threewishescereal #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Dr Monica Kieu

The partnership between TikTok plastic surgeons and Three Wishes has proven to be a successful and creative marketing strategy. Through organic and educational content, the brand has achieved greater product awareness and created a loyal fan base. This partnership has been a lovely synergy of potential audiences and has shown that innovation and creativity can lead to surprising results.

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