Why L'Oreal's Age Perfect Campaign Is a Game-Changer

Why L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Campaign Is a Game-Changer

Young influencers dominate Instagram, but L’Oreal Paris is changing the game. The brand is targeting an overlooked market by launching an influencer campaign for its Age Perfect Rosy Oil-Serum, featuring creators aged between 45 and 84.

Therefore, L’Oreal recognized that brands have only been focusing on millennials and Gen Z. As a result, they are leaving behind an important demographic group.

Gen X User Growth on Instagram

Gen X users are the fastest-growing group of Instagram users, with 13% of app users being 45 years old or older.

In this way, L’Oreal has the opportunity to tap into this market, with a potential audience of over 150 million. The influencer campaign, created in collaboration with Billion Dollar Boy, aims to celebrate the positive and confident attitude of the older generation towards themselves and their skin.

What is the L’Oreal campaign about?

The campaign features ten influencers from Nordic countries, highlighting the unique personality and voice of each one. The campaign is in line with L’Oreal’s age-inclusive values, reflecting their commitment to diversity and inclusion.

It has already exceeded expectations, reaching over 1.2 million people and generating nearly four million impressions with a 2.5% engagement rate.

L’Oreal takes the lead by focusing on a different market

Clearly, brands that ignore the aging population risk alienating a large and growing demographic group. L’Oreal’s campaign for Age Perfect Rosy Oil-Serum is a game-changer. It targeted an overlooked market and showcasing the positive attitude of the older generation.

Indeed, there is a high likelihood that spending on influencers will be $32.5 billion. Also, brands that ignore the potential of the older demographic group risk losing an important market. L’Oreal Paris is setting an example for the beauty industry and beyond by embracing diversity and inclusion. Elder people can themself in a beauty way on social media.