Marketing strategy

We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for the "I Love Western Dental" campaign, which included market research, competition analysis, audience segmentation, and brand value proposition definition to bring dental care closer and help the most vulnerable communities in Texas.

Brand design and development

We created a new brand image for I Love Western Dental that reflected their commitment to quality and patient care. This included designing a new logo inspired by WD essence and style, as well as designing and crafting a mascot costume or botarga for the brand.

Content creation

We developed content for Western Dental various communication channels, including their website, social media, and email. This content was designed to attract new patients, educate them about Western Dental services, and build a lasting relationship.

Grand opening support

We offered support in organizing and promoting the grand opening events of new Western Dental clinics, which included creating printed and digital materials for promotion and dissemination through various media channels.