«Viva La Vida» is a hilarious animated comedy series that revolves around the misadventures of Vida, a multicultural single mother on a quest for true happiness in the midst of her zany and dysfunctional family. Prepare for non-stop laughter as Vida navigates through the chaos of her daily life.

Viva La Vida
«Meet Vida, the spirited and quick-witted protagonist who brings a unique blend of charm and comedic timing to the screen. She’s a master of juggling the challenges of single parenthood while attempting to find joy in her own life. From comical cultural clashes to outrageous generational conflicts, Vida finds herself in one hilarious situation after another.
Within Vida’s eccentric extended family, a motley crew of characters adds fuel to the comedic fire. From her eccentric grandmother, who insists on sharing unsolicited advice from her vast collection of superstitions, to her «always-up-to-something» brother, Javi, the perpetual troublemaker who can’t resist stirring up mischief at every turn. Vida faces absurd and outlandish scenarios, as the series explores themes of self-discovery, personal growth, and the pursuit of happiness with a comedic twist.
Watch as Vida stumbles through awkward encounters, uproarious cultural misunderstandings, and uproarious moments of sibling rivalry gone awry. Through it all, Vida’s resilient spirit and unwavering sense of humor shine through, reminding us that laughter truly is the best medicine.
Set against a backdrop of vibrant animation, «Viva La Vida» delights audiences with its colorful and visually stunning world. From Vida’s bustling multicultural neighborhood, filled with eccentric neighbors and unexpected encounters, to the slapstick moments shared around the dinner table, the animation amplifies the humor and comedic timing of each scene.
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