How ChatGPT is Changing the Game


ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI, stands out as a different and exciting innovation. With its launch in late 2022, the advertising industry quickly took notice, dreaming up ways to optimize its capabilities to scale.

There are concerns that ChatGPT may replace the need for creative writers. However, AI experts see it as a valuable partner that can help optimize the workday.

Rather than a replacement, it can be considered an assistant. It provides support for brainstorming and allows for new opportunities for digital advertisers.

Chat GPT: The new AI tool

How can you use ChatGPT to create opportunities for digital advertisers?

Addressing text advertising for campaigns

One of the most cumbersome and laborious tasks for digital advertisers is creating text ad campaigns that require the creation of keywords, compelling headlines, and relevant body text.

These areas are where ChatGPT can offer a promising solution by providing strategists with the ability to complete selected prompts.

The goal is to quickly generate headlines, body text, and keywords for their digital advertising campaigns. From there, they can quickly filter and edit the results to seamlessly implement them into their campaigns.

Creating email campaigns and landing page copies

A fundamental part of digital advertising is creating email campaigns and landing pages with compelling copies and attention-grabbing headlines.

With ChatGPT, users can quickly generate headlines and body copies for these common tasks in a matter of seconds.

Simply instruct the AI tool by describing the service or product you are selling and describing your ideal customer. From there, you can personalize your email by adding specific details about your product or service, your company, or your value proposition.

What about my team’s time?

ChatGPT offers new efficiencies, it raises the question of what your team will do with all this newfound time.

It changes tasks that consume mental bandwidth and valuable time for more efficient actions. In this way, they can unlock massive time savings for strategic planning and innovative thinking.

What is available now with ChatGPT?

Although scaling content creation for digital advertising campaigns is a challenge, solutions like ChatGPT can act as a content creation partner, allowing you to gather information and inspiration quickly. However, ChatGPT won’t replace jobs entirely, it is considered a helpful assistant for busy advertisers.

Moreover, ChatGPT is available now, integrated into the Fluency platform, which provides even greater levels of efficiency in common but often tedious parts of the digital marketing workflow.

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