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5 key attributes that marketing recruiters look

Ready to learn about the star key attributes that will truly help you land a job in the ever-changing world of marketing? Well, according to top brand marketing experts and C-suite executives, some of these attributes can be summarized as follows:

Diverse Perspectives

Successful leaders know that a great idea can come from anywhere, which is why they seek a broader range of candidates capable of inspiring innovative solutions and driving more informed decision-making. So don’t worry if your experience isn’t traditional; in fact, this could be one of the key attributes that gives you a significant advantage in the world of marketing.

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Hunger for Learning

Likewise, employers look for people eager to learn how to seize emerging opportunities and embrace a spirit of collaboration. Always stay humble and willing to learn!

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Extra Dose of Attitude

Attitude is key. Being someone others want to work with can make you an interdepartmental asset. And it’s not just about always smiling, but about being compassionate, patient, persistent, and even creative. Show that positive energy and make sure to soak everyone with it!

key attributes that marketing

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Active Listening

Active listening is fundamental in the ever-changing world of marketing. Engaging with what others say and offering real-time questions and solutions can make daily work more efficient and illustrate investment in the company. Listen well and be a team player!

key attributes that marketing

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Emotional Intelligence

Lastly, emotional intelligence is a valuable interpersonal skill that can differentiate you as a candidate. How you treat your clients, how you work with your teammates, and how you behave are fundamental skills for this type of job. Build that foundation and show your authenticity!


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At SPREAD, we are confident that every candidate can be a special opportunity to grow. So, trust in yourself and your unique skills. Try new things and show your best version. Dare to be different and authentic! These are truly the key attributes that marketing leaders are looking for in 2023.