KFC vs McDonald's

KFC vs McDonald’s – Who Will Come Out on Top?

After much anticipation, McDonald’s Canada launched a limited-time version of the Big Mac using chicken patties instead of beef. However, it seems the beef wars are far from over, as KFC Canada quickly responded with their version of the Mac using their superior chicken patties. Social media was abuzz with playful banter between the fast-food giants, with KFC inviting McDonald’s to a taste test.

A truck with a billboard displaying KFC’s witty comeback to the Chicken Big Mac.

KFC’s response campaign took it to the streets by parking truck-sized ads in front of McDonald’s locations in Toronto, inviting TikTok influencers to try the new sandwich and give their honest opinion on which tastes better.

They quickly recruited social media influencers to conduct their own taste tests of the new sandwich, with @mukbangmaxwell – boasting nearly a million followers on TikTok and Instagram – leading the charge.

The result? Mukbangmaxwell initially tried the Big Mac as is, but ultimately decided to swap out the beef patties for KFC’s chicken. It’s a clear win for KFC in this taste test, but the question remains – will McDonald’s respond with a counterattack? Or will KFC continue to reign supreme in the fast food chicken wars?

As these fast food frenemies continue to battle it out, it’s clear that the war for customers’ taste buds is far from over. Stay tuned to see who will come out on top in this epic culinary clash.