Vizio Branded Content Studio and Enhanced Home Screen Make Waves at NewFronts

Vizio is one of the latest connected TV companies to have joined the NewFronts event, and it has already become a significant part of the annual conversation among brands.

Vizio prepares to make waves at the NewFronts

Vizio’s advertising business has grown exponentially over the three years, and it has earned a seat at the table. Ahead of the IAB NewFronts event, Vizio’s group VP of advertising and data sales, Adam Bergman, stated that the company is preparing to make a splash. Several executives from Vizio, including the CEO and founder, William Wang, will be present at the event.

Vizio Branded Content Studio (VBCS)

The company has now launched the Vizio Branded Content Studio (VBCS), which will provide new content offerings to viewers and new avenues for brands to invest their money. Vizio is also taking advantage of its home screen to promote premium branded content with the Vizio Ads feature. The company’s latest venture is to showcase upcoming shows to the VBCS to demonstrate possible content for future advertisers.

Furthermore, Vizio’s Home Screen will be the center of attention with a sneak peek of its reimagined and immersive design. The company aims to deliver more intuitive, personalized, and relevant features that include auto-play video, content deep links, trailers, storefront links, and QR code activations. Vizio also plans to showcase its Inscape ACR data and Vizio Analytics tool, which has formed the basis for measurement companies.

Vizio showcases its transformation

Vizio’s Interactive Ads and Household Connect offerings will also receive enhancements, which drive greater lift in brand metrics and extend TV-first campaigns to additional devices within a household. Bergman claims that they can quantify the impact of the investment through the analysis of week-by-week reach frequency metrics and conversion metrics.

Lastly, the Vizio Bus will make a return, which provides an opportunity for brands and marketers to experience the company’s smart TVs hands-on. It brings everything to life, showcasing the speed, the intuitive design, and the organic fluid nature of the platform.

Vizio is preparing to make a significant impact with its upcoming ventures, and its advancements will change how advertisers think about devices. Vizio is a perfect example of how hardware companies can transform into fully-integrated platforms.