Adventures in A-Eye: How AI Helped Design Army Create a Retro-Futuristic Campaign

Design Army Create a Retro-Futuristic Campaign

In a distant, barren planet, you’ll find two forms of life: giant eyeballs that exude more charm than fear, and incredibly stylish people with various degrees of astigmatism. It might sound like a sci-fi movie with a fashion-forward twist, but it’s actually the premise of Georgetown Optician’s new campaign, “Adventures in A-Eye.”

The Challenge of Finding the Right Balance Between AI and Human Creativity

Design Army, an independent agency, has masterfully created a retro-futuristic world reminiscent of a classic 1950s B-movie. To accomplish the tight one-month deadline and coincide with the new store opening, they turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to develop the digital and print assets. “Adventures in A-Eye” marks the agency’s first test of AI technology.

Adventures in A-Eye

Photo: Adweek

Pum Lefebure, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, admits that some criticisms of AI are valid, as it can be “soulless and stiff” without the human touch. Design Army found the right balance by having AI handle talent selection, wardrobe, and location, while their creative team added post-production elements such as photo manipulation, animation, sound design, and typography.

A Retro-Futuristic World Straight Out of a Classic B-Movie

The result is a series of video snippets, a 30-second spot, and print pieces that transport viewers to an unknown planet where they need to wear glasses to protect themselves from the harsh environment. The stars of the show have quirky names like Eyesaiah, Eyeris, Eyeliot, and Eyereen, while the main character is Eyelian, who is more of a looming presence than a menacing figure.

Adventures in A-Eye

Photo: Adweek

The campaign’s visuals feature a soothing “Mars pink” color palette that evokes a throwback feel, while the soundtrack and 3D title cards mix cues from different time periods. With episode titles like “Return of the Dry Eye” and “Attack of the Blue Light,” Design Army maintains a space odyssey-style vibe while keeping the narrative fresh and exciting.

A Quirky Campaign That Pushes the Boundaries of Creative Design

Design Army is no stranger to using unconventional themes and influences for their campaigns. Their previous works for Georgetown Optician drew inspiration from Wes Anderson’s twee filmmaking and the Addams Family’s macabre sensibility.

Adventures in A-Eye

Photo: Adweek

But the agency is not stopping here. They plan to continue tinkering with AI technology to create even more innovative campaigns in the future. By treating AI as just another design tool, they believe that it can surprise and inspire new ideas, but never replace the real humans behind the creative process.

In a world where creativity is often attributed to human genius, Design Army proves that AI can be an equally valuable tool in the right hands. “Adventures in A-Eye” is a testament to the agency’s creativity, innovation, and willingness to take risks to deliver exceptional campaigns.

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