Intuit's TurboTax and QuickBooks

Intuit’s TurboTax and QuickBooks Creative Accounts Put into Review

Intuit, the financial software company behind TurboTax and QuickBooks, has put their creative accounts up for review. 

This move potentially ends a 10-year relationship with Wieden+Kennedy Portland, who has been servicing the TurboTax account since winning a review in 2013. Similarly, Quickbooks could be closing the door on a five-year relationship with TBWA\Chiat\Day, who won the account in 2018.

The Turbotax and Quickbooks Creative Accounts are up for Grabs

Sources have confirmed that both accounts are currently under review. Quickbooks is said to be further along, with the in-house review now down to the final round. On the other hand, TurboTax is still in the early stages of a review being run by MediaLink, according to a source. 

TurboTax and QuickBooks

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Adweek reached out to more than half a dozen contacts within Intuit over the past week, but the brand has not yet responded about either review.

TurboTax, in particular, is no stranger to making big splashes at the Super Bowl every year since 2014. With the tax season kicking off in February, the timing of the review comes in the middle of the brand’s largest marketing push. 

The most recent work by Wieden+Kennedy for TurboTax plays off the idea that no one enjoys doing their taxes. The campaign encourages consumers to «Come to TurboTax and don’t do your own taxes. Meet with a TurboTax expert who will do them for you.» The brand amplified it with its Super Bowl ad featuring a man dancing to Men Without Hats’ «Safety Dance.»

Potential New Opportunities for Ad Agencies to Partner with Intuit

In contrast, QuickBooks has had a smaller presence in the Super Bowl. However, the brand has seen significant growth in the 2022 fiscal year, with revenue jumping 37.7%, according to its annual report. The brand’s online services accounted for the majority of that growth, more than doubling from $1 billion in revenue to just north of $2 billion.

TurboTax and QuickBooks

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According to CONvergence, TurboTax spent $239 million in the U.S. on measured media in 2022, with $85 million going to digital channels. Meanwhile, QuickBooks’ global spend reached $175 million last year, with $70 million going to digital.

In today’s competitive market, it’s no surprise that Intuit is putting its creative accounts up for review. Ad agencies will be vying for a chance to partner with the financial software giant. Intuit is looking for more than just creative ideas. They need a partner who can help them reach and connect with customers on a deeper level.

The potential for a successful partnership is high, as both TurboTax and QuickBooks have seen significant growth over the past year.Intuit’s decision to put their creative accounts up for review is not only a chance for ad agencies to show their creative prowess, but also an opportunity for Intuit to strengthen its connection with customers.

TurboTax and QuickBooks

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As the market becomes more competitive, brands need to think more strategically and creatively to reach their customers. This move by Intuit shows that they are committed to staying ahead of the game.