Travel Back in Time with Samsonite and Chloe Fineman


During the glamorous travel era, crossing the Atlantic by plane was a luxurious privilege exclusive to the wealthy and famous. Decades later, Samsonite takes us on a journey to the Golden Age of travel with its mini-movie “Travel Like an Icon”, and is starring Saturday Night Live sensation Chloe Fineman. She is wearing vintage fashion and carrying Samsonite’s Elevation Plus products.

Samsonite x Chloe Fineman: the Golden Age of travel

What is the film about?

The two-minute film, which premiered in March on both Samsonite and Fineman’s social media channels. Also, it was filmed by Luc L’amour of Timeless Eye at the TWA Hotel at New York’s JFK International Airport.

With the creative direction by Hans Tranberg, Vice President of Innovation at H&S Communications. The ad features Fineman breaking the fourth wall, exaggerating her own fame, and showcasing Samsonite’s classic and modern luggage collection.

Starting with a shot of an old arrival board. Fineman humorously talks about her travels while jokingly showing off a fake memory. Understudy, a possible parody of Prince Harry’s Spare, and a copy of Peeps magazine. It says she was named the world’s funniest woman.

When she is next to a cart filled with vintage Samsonite bags, she confidently states that traveling like a celebrity “starts with luggage.”

Thoughts on Samsonite North America’s Vice President of Marketing campaign

David Oksman, Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce at Samsonite North America, hopes that this collaboration with Fineman “tells a story that goes beyond the brand’s exceptional product.”

Samsung boosts campaign with social media

To keep the campaign’s momentum going, Samsonite promotes the mini-movie on social media by sharing behind-the-scenes videos, deleted shots, and photos of Sam Hylton.

Fineman’s collaboration with Samsonite

For Fineman, working with Samsonite was an obvious choice. As a brand she grew up with, the creative freedom they gave her to bring her personality to the campaign was a welcome opportunity.

Fineman does famous celebrity impersonations and is having a moment in advertising, recently starring in Anheuser-Busch’s Nütrl first national campaign.

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