Dove fights against digital distortion on TikTok to promote real beauty

In a world where social media has become a stage for public display, users have found an easy way to present an ideal life by removing any «imperfection» through digital filters. However, Dove has decided to take a stand against this trend on TikTok.

New trends

Artificial intelligence has made it possible for the Bold Glamour filter to remove any imperfections and highlight features in a realistic way, even with part of the face covered.

This filter has been widely used on the TikTok platform, where the #boldglamour hashtag has been seen over 482 million times.


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Despite the ease of use of this filter, its use comes at a cost. Ultra-realistic beauty filters create unreal images in the collective imaginary, which especially affects younger generations.

These filters impose unattainable stereotypes and can cause dissatisfaction and dissonance among users who cannot achieve aesthetic resemblance in real life.

Dove fights against digital distortion

In response to this worrying trend, Dove has launched a campaign against image distortion on TikTok. The brand has shown real women from behind, in different profiles, to denounce that 80 percent of 13-year-old girls’ photos already have this type of filter applied.

As part of its campaign, Dove is promoting natural beauty and rejecting digital filters. The brand is encouraging its followers to upload videos without filters with the hashtags #TurnYourBack #FedGlamour #NoDigitalDistortion.


No filter should tell you how to look. 80% of girls are already using filters by the age of 13. It’s no wonder their perception of beauty and their self-esteem are distorted. Help reverse the damage. #TurnYourBack on the Bold Glamour filter and digital distortion. Real beauty is bold. #RealBeautyIsBold #Dove #LetsChangeBeauty #NoDigitalDistortion #BeautyCommunity #SelfEsteem

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This is not the first time that Dove has developed a campaign against the body stereotypes suffered by women around the world. In 2021, the brand launched its «Real Beauty» campaign to fight against image distortion on social media.

Dove says «beauty is real»

While technology provides us with a wide range of tools to enhance our images, we must remember that real beauty is what defines us as individuals and we should not let ourselves be influenced by digital filters. Dove is leading the way to promote real beauty and fight against image distortion on TikTok.