My Black is Beautiful Hair Care Brand

P&G’s Presents: My Black is Beautiful Hair Care Brand

Procter and Gamble’s My Black is Beautiful brand released «Unbecoming,» a film celebrating natural hair of Black women and girls.

P&G continues to support the Black community

The film’s message centers on promoting acceptance and appreciation for Black women and their natural beauty, and it is a part of a series of films that combat the stereotypes and racism that the Black community faces. P&G firmly backs Black community without any superficial or hasty measures.


As marketers, it is crucial to take notes from P&G’s efforts and learn from them. Diversify production partners with Black creatives to serve Black community authentically.

We should prioritize this from the start and share it with the broader team to ensure they know. We should consider a diverse slate of agencies, and we should make meeting with new agencies an ongoing priority, even when we have no projects in mind. This way, when the need arises, the right partners will already be in place.

It is also essential to dig deep into consumers’ lived experiences to understand them fully. By doing this, we can find powerful insights that help us understand how to surprise and delight our consumers. 

Goodbye stereotypes

The P&G film encourages us to help shatter the stereotypes that Black women face daily, including white beauty standards that do not represent and reflect who they are. Marketers have the power to help reimagine and redefine what beauty means in the beauty industry.


Lastly, it is necessary to deliver products that serve the community. The My Black is Beautiful collection is an example of how P&G’s journey to be an ally to the Black community includes representation in products that cater to Black women’s hair care needs. 

Black women created the collection for Black women, and it celebrates Black beauty and culture. Haircare for natural hair with coconut, turmeric, ginger, honey, and moisture products for scalp care and styling

In summary, P&G’s «Unbecoming» film highlights the importance of prioritizing hair health for Black women and embracing the natural beauty of their hair texture. As marketers, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves on the deep inequities Black women have faced in the beauty industry, and we must address them by providing products and services that meet their beauty needs. 

P&G’s Unbecoming film and My Black is Beautiful brand authentically serve the Black community without shortcuts or checkbox approaches.