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FuboTV revolutionizes its image with Kevin Garnett and Mark Sanchez on stage

Have you ever imagined designing your own custom sports streaming service? Well, that’s exactly what FuboTV set out to answer with its latest advertising campaign.

With the help of two sports legends, Kevin Garnett and Mark Sanchez, the largest virtual MVPD brand in the market has decided to change its image and rename its products simply as Fubo, with a fresh appearance and a set of innovative logos.

FuboTV with Maximum Effort

In partnership with Ryan Reynolds’ company Maximum Effort, the «If Sports Fans Built a Streaming Service» campaign features a series of 15 and 30-second commercials, as well as digital display ads featuring the NBA legend and former NFL quarterback.


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The campaign aims to highlight FuboTV unique ability to combine the best of cable and streaming on a single platform, and distinguish itself from the rest with its specialized focus on live sports.

FuboTV steady growth in recent years demonstrates that the brand has found a niche in the increasingly crowded market of cable and streaming TV. With an increase of 251,000 subscribers in the fourth quarter of the year, the company currently has 1.445 billion paying customers.

The new image and advertising campaign created in collaboration with Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort aim to capitalize on this trend and attract even more customers, especially with the baseball season just around the corner.

Quality focus

David Gandler, the co-founder and CEO of Fubo, commented in a statement that the name Fubo had been affectionately adopted by consumers to refer to the service, and that the brand felt that this name represented its focus on quality and excellence in media. The brand’s new image will be implemented in Fubo’s products and applications in the coming months and will be ready for the World Baseball Classic and the start of the MLB season.


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In addition to live sports broadcasting, FuboTV has also focused on producing original content and FAST, including the upcoming Maximum Effort channel. The company’s Reynolds partnership also provides an exclusive preview of unscripted programs and a blind script deal with Fubo. With these initiatives, FuboTV seeks to consolidate itself as the preferred live sports streaming and original content platform for fans worldwide.

If Sports Fans Built a Streaming Service

FuboTV goal has always been to offer sports fans the best possible streaming experience, and this new advertising campaign and brand change is the culmination of that effort. Backed by sports stars Kevin Garnett and Mark Sanchez, as well as Ryan Reynolds’ production company, Fubo has positioned itself as the ideal streaming service for sports lovers.

The «If Sports Fans Built a Streaming Service» campaign not only features Garnett and Sanchez in a series of 30 and 15-second ads but also includes digital ads that show what makes Fubo unique. As Reynolds said in a statement, Fubo is the only product that combines the best of cable and streaming with the advantage of offering live sports.

FuboTV has experienced significant growth in recent years and has reached over 1.4 million paying customers. And with the increasing popularity of online streaming services, Fubo has had to adapt and evolve. The company has added more original content and developed FAST (ad-free streaming services) to offer a more complete streaming experience.


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With its new name and renewed brand, Fubo has positioned itself as the premier sports streaming service. And with the baseball season just around the corner, the brand’s new logos will be implemented in Fubo’s products and applications in the coming months, meaning baseball fans can enjoy the perfect streaming experience while watching the most important games of the year.

 Fubo has changed its brand to further improve the streaming experience for sports fans around the world. With the help of sports stars and Ryan Reynolds’